Book: Another Brick in the Wall

A critical review of cultural management education in Europe

This book provides a critical comparative analysis of developments and provision in academic training in cultural management and policies in Europe.

In comparison with other disciplines, cultural management as a field of education is still in its infancy.

Corina Șuteu

However, a multitude of training opportunities have arisen for cultural managers and administrators in Europe during the past decades.

Another Brick in the Wall makes a systematic analysis of what these courses entail and what their outcomes might be when their students are delivered into posts of responsibility.

What are the responsibilities of a cultural manager in nowadays cultural context? Accordingly, what are the competencies required to respond to the present challenges of managing a cultural organisation or project? What kind of cultural management education programs should be designed in order to meet these needs?

This book has grown from the knowledge that the time has come for some form of standards, some type of accreditation and possibilities for student exchange and credit transfer between the different national education models.

Raising questions and providing insight and suggestions for further reflection and action, the publication is of great interest to all those involved in or contemplating a cultural management education.



160 pages

ISBN: 9066500840
Publishing Date: 2008-11-21

Publisher: Boekmanstudies Amsterdam